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North Las Vegas, NV

Air Conditioning

With our hot and arid days, air conditioning is pretty much a necessity here in North Las Vegas, NV. With something as essential as air conditioning, you don’t want just anyone in your corner. You want professionals who are knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable. You want A-1 Mechanical & Electric.

Our team of professionals can design, install, maintain, and repair the best cooling option for your home, offering you the highest quality of comfort. We’re experts in knowing which option would work best in your home––and we can help service and maintain them all as well.

Whether you’re looking for help with your existing system or it’s time for new equipment, you can call on us. Some of the systems we see most here in the area are central air conditioning, ductless units, window units, and swamp coolers. But just because you don’t see your type of cooling system listed here doesn’t mean we don’t support it. Our expert team does it all.

Give us a call today at 702.363.6222. We’d be happy to help you no matter what your cooling needs are––even if it’s only to answer a question you may have.

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Air Ducts

Your home’s air ducts, or ductwork, are the unsung heroes of your heating-and-cooling system. They’re critical to the comfort in your home, as they’re integral to all of your HVAC system’s functions––heating, cooling, dehumidification, and air distribution and filtration. At A-1 Mechanical & Electric, we’re experts in custom ductwork, from design to maintenance. We know how imperative it is to have your ductwork perfectly suited to your home’s and HVAC system’s needs.

If you’re retrofitting or starting from scratch, our custom sheet-metal fabricators will design and build your ducting system from the highest-quality materials with only your home’s design in mind, giving you the optimum end result. Then our expert installers will professionally put your system in, without cutting any corners.

On the other hand, if your ducts need repair or maintenance, our experienced technicians have cutting-edge technology and up-to-date methods under their belts to deliver an end result to save you money––no more energy leaks with tight seals. Ignoring your ductwork will only cost you money and harm your home. Let our professionals come out and perform an inspection. They can alert you to any existing energy leaks, which are costing you money and, perhaps, putting unwanted particles into your air. They’re happy to spend time with you, informing you about our maintenance program so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

We know how much you depend on your HVAC system here in North Las Vegas. With your air ducts playing such a central role in the system, you only want the most professional and qualified experts working on them. That’s why you need to give us a call today––702.363.6222.

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Ductless Systems

Ductless systems, or ductless mini-splits, are quickly rising in demand here in North Las Vegas, NV. And with good reason. They offer several advantages over their heating-and-cooling comrades. Our professionals at A-1 Mechanical & Electric are installing, repairing, and maintaining more of these than ever.

One of the reasons these innovative HVAC systems are being seen everywhere these days is their lack of ductwork. They consist of only a few components––an outdoor unit, an indoor unit, and a conduit––making them extremely flexible. Ductless systems are easy to install and can be installed most anywhere in your home.

Another reason for homeowners’ affinity for this type of system is the cost savings you can realize. They run more efficiently than forced-air systems since they don’t need to utilize ductwork, which can house leaks and waste energy. Also, because they work as zone systems, they’re only heating and/or cooling exactly when and where they’re needed. Again, no more wasted energy, saving you money.

Without needing ducts to distribute air throughout your home also improves your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ). Ductwork has a tendency to collect allergens, dust, particles, and other contaminants. Since this HVAC system’s air doesn’t need to travel through ducts, the air isn’t picking up any of this and sending it throughout the house.

Call us today at 702.363.6222 to discuss ductless systems. Our experts can install, repair, and maintain these systems with ease.

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Most things in our North Las Vegas homes run on electricity, proving just how important it is and how dependent our daily lives are on it. When you need something repaired or rewired, you need master electricians for the job to ensure it’s done right. At A-1 Mechanical & Electric, our master electricians are ready to assist you in any electrical need you may have. They have the experience and knowledge to address anything from a simple repair in a lamp switch to a complex situation like wiring an entire new home.

Electricity is an area where you want master electricians providing the needed service. It’s far too complicated of a medium for those unqualified to tackle. It can be dangerous. Even what seems to be a small and straightforward rewiring project could end with serious consequences. Our professionals can handle this area adeptly, ensuring your safety in the process.

Other areas where we have high proficiency are indoor and outdoor lighting, new construction, fuse-to-breaker conversions, generators, home-security systems, data wiring, and home automation. Each of these areas has many layers to it, and our experts are well versed in them all, as well as many others.

Any type of electrical job you may need done should be completed by a professional––like our master electricians. We take pride in our work and strive for your satisfaction and comfort. Call us today at 702.363.6222 to see how we can help you.

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Gas Furnaces

When your gas furnace is out and you have no heat, whether it’s a repair or a whole-new furnace that’s needed, our HVAC experts at A-1 Mechanical & Electric are here for you––day or night. We’ve been repairing, installing, and maintaining gas furnaces here in North Las Vegas, NV, since 2003, so we understand this happens even at inconvenient times. No matter when it happens, we offer prompt and courteous service.

If your furnace begins to act up or simply stops working, give us a call. We will come out to quickly diagnose and repair it. Our professionals are familiar with most makes and models of furnaces, so we can get the job done in no time. And since we work on such a wide variety, we stock many parts, meaning, in most cases, you won’t have to wait for your part to be ordered. We’re prepared.

We’re also prepared if it’s time for your furnace to be replaced. Whether it’s a planned replacement or something unexpected, we can help you choose the right gas furnace for your home and budget. Our experienced technicians work with major brands across the board. This gives you many options to be sure we work together to find the perfect fit.

And once your furnace is installed, or we’ve made that repair, if you aren’t already part of our maintenance program, our reliable technicians can explain how imperative regular HVAC maintenance is for your furnace. It will save you money in the long run––extending the life of your system as well as keeping it running efficiently as possible to avoid wasting energy.

Call us at 702.363.6222 to schedule an appointment for your gas furnace with one of our highly trained professionals. We are here for repairs, installations, maintenance, or to simply answer a question.

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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are gaining in popularity here in North Las Vegas because they’re so environmentally friendly, running very cleanly. They don’t use or burn fossil fuels, so more and more customers are choosing them over more traditional forced-air systems. At A-1 Mechanical & Electric, our professionals have been working with our customers since 2003. During this time, we’ve been repairing, maintaining, and installing heat pumps, ensuring our customers are satisfied with us and the level of comfort in their homes along the way.

Working differently than more traditional heating-and-cooling systems, heat pumps don’t create their own warm or cool air. Instead they simply extract it from elsewhere and transfer it from that location to another, making it a very energy-efficient method of heating and cooling your home. Also, because of their design, heat pumps are convenient and cost-effective. They provide both heating and cooling without having several components to install. Many customers tell us this system is their first choice for HVAC systems because of these advantages alone.

Feel free to give our professionals a call at 702.363.6222 with any questions you may have about heat pumps. With all our experience working with them, there aren’t too many questions we can’t answer. Or if you’re in need of a repair, maintenance, or installation, we’d be happy to promptly help you.

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Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality, or IAQ, in your home could actually be making you sick. It’s been reported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that your North Las Vegas, NV, home’s indoor air quality can be much lower than the outdoor air. There are many contaminants in your home that originate from sources releasing particles or gas, or they cause combustion. These are all released into the air, eventually making their way to you, causing illnesses or health issues. At A-1 Mechanical & Electric, we have solutions to help.

Your HVAC system is designed to help with your home’s ventilation and filtration. With regular maintenance, your system can assist in improving your indoor air quality. When your home’s air ducts and filters are kept clean, they’re not putting additional particles and contaminants back into the airflow. Your filters, in particular, will trap many of the harmful particles before they get distributed throughout your home. Keeping your humidifier and dehumidifier well maintained prevents bacteria and mold from growing in your home as well, then making their way to you via your indoor air.

Poor indoor air quality is many times the trigger for poor health or chronic illness. Mistakenly, you may think your chronic allergies are here to stay, or the continual headaches just come from nowhere. Many times your indoor air quality is responsible for these health issues. Taking steps to clean up your air can lead to better health for you and your family.

Comfort in your home is of prime importance to us. Staying healthy falls under that comfort umbrella. Let us help you achieve cleaner indoor air. Call us today at 702.363.6222 to discuss how we can.

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Arzel® Zoning Systems

Zoning systems sound much more complicated to understand than they are. A zoning system is a means to directly control the heating and cooling in your home here in North Las Vegas in a very direct manner. It allows you to separate areas in your home from one another in order to specify different temperatures for them simultaneously. At A-1 Mechanical & Electric, we stand behind Arzel® Zoning Systems because of their superior quality and reliability.

Designating zones in your home allows for customized comfort. It also provides a great cost savings in energy, as you’re only heating and cooling on demand. No longer are areas or rooms in your home utilizing energy when and where it’s not needed, thus saving you money.

If you’re interested in implementing zoning into your current HVAC system, an Arzel® Zoning System can be easily designed and installed by our HVAC professionals. It can simply be added to your home’s existing ductwork, eliminating the necessity for additional complications and costs.

By only heating and cooling specific areas in your home as needed, you are realizing the ultimate in customized comfort. You are also saving energy and money. We see this as a win-win situation. Call us today at 702.363.6222 to speak with one of our professionals about an Arzel® Zoning System.

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