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Heat Pumps

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We at A-1 Mechanical & Electric have been serving our Las Vegas, NV, area clients since 2003. Throughout this time, we’ve worked with more than our share of heat pumps––repairing them, maintaining them, installing them. So you can take our word when we say if you need help with your heat pump or you’d like one installed, we’re the team for you. We pride ourselves on working hard and keeping our customers comfortable in their homes. Your satisfaction is on the top of our list when we do a job for you, regardless the size of it. You can trust that when you call us about heat pumps, you’re calling the best.

How Heat Pumps Are Different

Heat pumps are gaining in popularity here in the greater Las Vegas area in the Silver State. But even though more and more homes have them, you may not readily know how they differ from a more conventional heating-and-cooling system.

Instead of recreating the wheel, so to speak, by creating their own heat like more traditional HVAC systems, heat pumps just use the energy that’s there. They transfer the heat from one location to another. So if the inside temperature of your home is too cool for you, your heat pump will extract the heat from outdoors and transfer it indoors, where it’ll be used to heat your home. The same holds true for the scenario where your home is too hot indoors. Your heat pump will extract the heat from inside your home and transfer it to the outside, leaving your indoors nice and cool.

All this heat transfer is accomplished with coils. Depending on your type of heat pump, it will extract energy from either the air, water, or ground. Your heat pump doesn’t burn any fossil fuel, as more traditional systems do, to heat and cool your home. This makes it a very environmentally friendly choice, as well as an extremely energy-efficient one too.

Why You’d Want a Heat Pump

Heat pumps definitely have some advantages over other more traditional heating-and-cooling systems, which can make them more attractive. An important advantage of a heat pump is that it’s very environmentally friendly, as it runs very clean. It doesn’t use or burn fossil fuels to run, so it’s not giving off any gases or fumes. It runs with electricity, making it a cleaner source of energy. It actually creates one-and-a-half to three times more energy than it uses.

Another heat pump advantage is it’s a one-stop-shopping design. It can provide both the heating and cooling for your home, making it convenient and cost-effective, since there aren’t any ancillary elements or components to install.

Yet another advantage our professionals tell us many of our customers really like is it can be safer than forced-air systems. Since heat pumps run on electricity, no risks exist for carbon monoxide poisoning or gas explosions.

If you’re thinking of retrofitting your home with a heat pump, give our knowledgeable and experienced A-1 Mechanical & Electric technicians a call at 702.363.6222 to discuss what would work best in your home. Or if your current heat pump needs service or regular maintenance, someone from our team of professionals can help you with that as well. Call us today.

Need Heat Pump Service?

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Heat Pump Repair in Las Vegas, NV 89117

“Julio has been to my house many times over the past several years from a very old system to a new system. This time was a replacement part. Julio shows me what is wrong and describes the situation. He even put in a rush order so I could get the repair done asap. It is always comforting knowing who is coming to your home. Julio is one of the reasons for your outstanding reputation in the community. He is professional, efficient and always takes the time to answer my questions.” – Nancy H.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV 89145

“Prompt, efficient, professional service.”

– Thomas G.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV 89146

“A-1 has been doing my semi-annual maintenance for many years. The technicians are always courteous and professional and the service is exceptional.”

– Thomas S.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Henderson, NV

– SP T.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Henderson, NV 89011

“William was nice, professional and experienced with our water source heat pump system. We are relieved to finally find a company who knows how to service our HVAC system. Thank you, Willaim and A-1 Mechanical & Electric!”

– SP T.

Heat Pump Repair in Las Vegas, NV 89113

“Ramone is the best. Always does top quality work. Rated a 10 and 5 star by me”

– Jim M.

Heat Pump Repair in Las Vegas, NV 89113

“Ramon Velarde #121
is an excellent tech. A pleasure to have here doing repairs
5 star rating from me”

– jim m.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV 89146

– Thomas S.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV 89146

“Technician arrived on time and completed the fall service inspection efficiently and professionally.”

– Thomas S.

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