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Air Conditioner Replacement in Henderson, NV 89015

“A-1 replaced 2 AC / Furnace units this past week. The install was performed professionally and we're absolutely satisfied with the entire process. VERY IMPORTANT TO US: We did our research. We got 3 bids. A-1 was right in the middle pricewise. The highest bid was from a group within a warehouse store and was outrageously expensive. The cheapest bid was from someone who would replace the units "outside" of their time at another company. While a few thousand cheaper, the SERVICE AND AFTERCARE was a concern. If this installer was on vacation or even sick and the unit had a problem – WE could be in for a problem…waiting for our unit to be serviced for days or possibly longer. No thank you. A-1 is a team. Professional. If there is a problem, there is a team of workers who can come – not a solo worker on vacation hundreds of miles away. After seeing the excellent work performed from the A-1 crew, there becomes a trust. I feel our AC needs will be in proper hands for many years to come. Confidence in a company is important. Aftercare is important. We felt a band aid approach to our AC future wasn't worth saving a few dollars. Great job A-1.”

– David W.